Carhartt Jeans : From a Workman’s Wear to a Fashion Brand

Wearing jeans has been a trend for the best time already. Perhaps, because of the quality and the luxuries it brings, jeans have become a staple for people of all ages and sizes. Today, consumers mens work wear have many brands to choose from ranging from the mass produced to designer jeans. How about you, how many different pairs do you have in your closet?

No clothing company provides the necessity of a workman more than Carthartt does. This vision emerged from Hamilton Carhartt’s desire to establish a clothing company that will meet the demands of a harsh environment. In 1889, at the age of 34, Carharrt introduced his first overalls exclusively for use of railway workers.

Success did not happen overnight for Mr. Carhartt. Although the overalls were an instantaneous hit among railway workers, the company hired the services of agents to peddle the products to the different railway divisions. Well, in this generation, one would wonder if this strategy will work. But it did for Carhartt. Why was it winner among this specific market group? Because only Carharrt carries that zeal of durability and resistance to fire, water and damaging the teeth. Even to this day, Carhartt jeans remain as a workman’s choice of jeans and apparel.

Advancement to a Fashion Brand

Did you know that it was only after having a century that Carhartt jeans evolved into a competitive fashion brand? This has been all thanks to gangster rap and hip-hop music because everybody started wearing workman’s clothes. From the vocalists to the dancers, everybody is into wearing their products. The Carhartt pandemic, so to speak, has spread all throughout the country and eventually in key cities all over the world. We were holding even featured in leading fashion magazines.

The company struggled with a happy problem. They had to turn down their orders from malls to its inability to deal with the growing demands of their products. And just as fortune would have it, more plants have finally been put up and there was increased production.

Even as it does work that the fad for worker’s clothing has brought ground, the company never lost its primary vision of providing quality jeans and overalls to the American worker. It has even expanded it’s clothing line! Its marketing strategies have been intensified and heightened. As they call it, the rest is history.

If you are on the lookout for quality denims, then jeans created by the Carhartt company, are something that you should own. For one, they are made to last a lifetime and are tailored to resist wear and tear. Interestingly, to ensure durability, the denim used is thick and double sewed. Although it may be rough at first but after constant washings, it will become softer and more comfortable to wear.

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