Card Checking iphone Application Has Nevada Casinos Watching

From applications like Shazam — which helps you name that song you are listening too and then tell you what song it is — To UrbanSpoon — that helps you bother making a choice on where to eat… The iphone has everything! I can’t think of one thing they don’t have and this new application blows me away. The ufabet Nevada Betting Regulators are putting out the warning about this new Card-Counting program for iphone and ipod touch. It’s called HiLo, that “illegally” helps players beat the house in Blackjack.

Card checking is not illegal in Nevada casinos. However, using a device to help in the checking of cards is considered a criminal offence under Nevada laws overseeing cheating. And if they catch you using this Iphone app they have options to either turn you over to the feds and is punishable by jail terms of between one and six years, or a fine of no more than $10, 000, for the first offense. OR they could handle your punishment themselves, neither that seem like great options to me. The Nevada Gaming Regulators anticipated to frost nova sales of a blackjack card-counting application for apple iphones by telling the world the software could convert the high-tech phone into an electric cheating device. Haha — So much for that idea: The headline had the alternative effect.

Travis Yates, the Foreign software designer who developed the Blackjack Card Counter application that uses four different strategies, said his sales were averaging about 10 per day at. 99 a pop on the iTunes Application Store. The day after the Review-Journal reported on the regulators’ Feb .. 5 warning to casino operators to be on the watch for players using the device, sales for his application jumped to 500 in the united states alone and Yates cut the price to. forty nine!!

Blackjack is the only casino game that can be consistently won by players if they know the proper techniques. If you know how to count cards then you can bet higher amounts when you have the sting over the casino. The principle behind checking cards in blackjack is that a deck of cards with a high proportion of high cards (10-valued cards and Aces) to low cards (2-valued through 6-valued) is btter for the player, while the reverse (a deck with a high proportion of low cards to high cards) is better for the dealer. There are many reasons for this:

Card Checking recently became famous after the release of the movie, twenty one, which was about the MIT Blackjack team which took the Nevada casinos for huge amount of money during the 80’s and 90’s. Checking cards is much more difficult than it seems, you have to keep track of all the cards taken from a six deck shoe, watch the dealer and other player’s hands, decide how much to bet, under a ton of disruptions.

However, with this new New iphone iphone app, HiLo. It makes card checking easy. Although card checking : attempting to keep track of the number of face cards, aces and 10s in the multideck Blackjack shoe : is not illegal in Nevada, using a device that aids in checking is illegal. Card checking is a strategy that tries to track the proportion of high-value cards to low-value cards. A high proportion allegedly benefits the ball player, while the reverse shows the advantage to the dealer. According to Sayre, Nevada gaming authorities were tipped to the iphone application by fellow workers in California, who in turn had been told by a tribal casino in the upper organ of the suggest that it had found customers using the program.

Among the application’s features is its “Stealth Mode, inches which turns off the iphone screen : making the iphone appear to be deterred. However, the user can still continue to track cards by pressing the screen at the spots where the keys would normally show. With all said, if you want to counter this recession by racking up on ten straight 21s this weekend, you might want to you should think about the consequences first… Or just aren’t getting caught!

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